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Antonio Menghini

Scientific Director of the Project, Geologist and Geophysicist

He is the inventor of EMusic (Electromagnetic Music). He is currently working in Aarhus Geophysics, a company specialized in the processing of Airborne EM data. He is Associate Editor of the Journal of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics (EEGS official review) and author of several international publications. He was Professor of Applied Geophysics to the Sedimentary Successions in the University “Gabriele D’Annunzio” of Chieti (Italy), during the 2008-09 Academic Year. Partecipation to the following international projects: Mars-MUSES (2001), as TDEM expert, to perform electromagnetic prospections of the shallow Martian sub-surface, in order to detect the presence of water or ice in the ground (with CNR, University of Rome and other institutions). Research Project (2008-09) on the use of IP method for groundwater characterisation and pollution detection, with University of Ferrara (Italy) and Council for Geoscience (South Africa). Committee member of the Workshop on Dead Sea Sinkholes (EAGE), 23-26th September 2012, Amman, Jordan. Lectures on AEM at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing and at the NGRI in Hyderabad, India. Other consultant activities: freelance activity as geologist and geophysicist (1990-2008) for engineering, hydrogeological, environmental and archaeological applications. Experience in EM, DC current, Magnetic methods. Hydrogeologist activity (pumping test, groundwater balance, groundwater detection). Geophysical consultant (2006-2009) for Rocksource and Nordic Mining, two Norwegian companies involved respectevely in oil and mining exploration. Application of onshore EM methods, by means of feasibility studies and field testings, besides the partecipation to EM workshops and conferences all over the world.

    Stefano Pontani

    Artistic director of the Project, Musician

    He composed and edited the recording, mixing and mastering of soundtracks for cinema (“L’Ultima Lezione” by Fabio Rosi, “L’Ovest” by Giulio Base) and TV movies (Sapere Rai). He is member of the progressive rock band Ezra Winston, of the experimental rock band VuMeters and of the jazz-rock band Anagramma.

      Riccardo Marini

      Co-founder, project manager, webmaster

      Music business and web marketing consultant, specialized in intellectual property. He works for many italian record labels. As an expert in music law, digital copyright, online licensing and ICT deals with contracts, licenses and tax issues in the entertainment industry. He also manages the protection of trademarks and patents for companies in the agri-food field and is a member of the board of “Fondazione Italia Sostenibile per Azioni”, an Italian research institute that promotes innovation and sustainable growth of startups in collaboration with national authorities. He is also a songwriter and record producer with international experience. Full CV: https://it.linkedin.com/in/riccardo-marini-55927868


        Marco Guidolotti


        Winner of the International Prize Massimo Urbani . He took a degree in Clarinet and works firmly with RAI and MEDIASET. He worked together with Ennio Morricone, Woody Allen, Armando Trovajoli, Dave Liebman, Enrico Pieranunzi, Roberto Gatto, Stefano di Battista, Mario Biondi, Dee dee Bridgwater, Paolo Damiani, Fabrizio Bosso and Mario Biondi. Official website: www.marcoguidolotti.com