EMusic & INGV at next EGU meeting in Wien

We are pleased to announce that our Directors Antonio Menghini and Stefano Pontani will present the interactive poster “Diatomites sound like a B13 chord” during the joined-panel “Scientists, artists and the Earth: co-operating for a better planet sustainability” with our partners Tiziana Lanza and Vincenzo Sapia (INGV) at next European Geosciences Union – General Assembly 2018. We’ll report some details of this PICO session (the full programme is available here):

As communicators and artists, ​we have a shared responsibility ​to raise awareness of the importance of planet sustainability. ​ Educating people ​in this regard has normally been executed through traditional educational method​s.​ ​But ​there is evidence that science-art collaborations play a vital role in contributing to this issue, through the emotional and human connection that the arts can provide. This session,​ already in​ its fourth edition, has presented interesting ​and progressive ​​art science collaborations across a number of disciplines focussed on representing Earth science content. ​We have witnessed that climate change, natural hazard, meteo​rol​o​gy, palaeontology, earthquakes and volcanoes, geology have ​been successfully presented through music, visual art, photography, theatre, literature, digital art, ​where the artists ​explored new ​practices and methods in their work with scientists. ​A fundamental part of all art is the presentation of their final work. Then we provide a related ‘performative session’, to allow artists perform excerpts of their work and fully reveal the impact of this work in communicating the bigger planet sustainability message. This related session is entitled “A pilot-platform for performing your Earth&Art work”​​.

EMusic also will be in concert next April 12th at 19.00, playing “Sounds from the Geology of Italy” with Marco Guidolotti, Stefano Pontani and Riccardo Marini on the stage:

EMusic (ElectroMagnetic Music) is based on the idea, developed by two members of the staff, Antonio Menghini (geologist and geophysicist) and Stefano Pontani (musician), about the transformation of geophysical data (in detail Electromagnetic data) that are usually recorded to investigate the subsurface, into sounds, so that to compose a soundtrack reflecting the effective geological structure of the site. This musical track can be used by musicians to improvise, till to arrange a concert or to create new compositions. Another development consists in the performance of a sound installation, which can be many hours long, arranged in an Ambient Music style, and that can be enjoyed on the same site where the geophysical data are recorded (Soundscape). For EGU2018 we’ll present a completely new show named “Sounds from the Geology of Italy”, during which we’ll play EMusic drawn from TEM data collected in 4 beautiful scenarios: Phlegrean Fields, Venice Lagoon, Selinunte Temple and Castelluccio Plain. The musicians that will be involved are Stefano Pontani (guitar and loops), Riccardo Marini (electronics) and Marco Guidolotti (saxophone).